Practice Areas

We practice in the following areas for both our private clients and our consulting clients.


With extensive experience in a variety of litigious matters and jurisdictions, we offer a cost effective service to firms and private clients alike.  With appearance work and the running of trials in all Courts, we have the necessary experience to guide our clients through the pitfalls of litigation, while always looking for a commercial resolution to all litigation prior to trial.


We have acted in numerous large commercial matters involving breaches of the Corporations Act and disputes between companies around Australia.  Whether it is Commercial Litigation or Civil Litigation, we provide our clients with guidance and Dispute Resolution advice throughout the course of all litigious matters.



Commercial & Property Law

​Whether it is negotiating and drafting agreements, or incorporating and structuring businesses, we can provide all the documentation you require to facilitate a business transaction, including drafting Trusts, Shareholders’ Agreements and investment agreements, business and share sale documents, leasing and other commercial documents. 


We also act on various property law matters and act on behalf of developers and individuals ranging from conveyancing files to property development and commercial leasing matters. 


Insolvency & Bankruptcy


With particular expertise in Insolvency and Bankruptcy matters, Mansour Lawyers act on both sides of the coin - for individuals and companies on the one hand and Trustees and Liquidators on the other.


Whether it is pre or post appointment of Liquidators and/or Trustees, we advise our clients on the range of options available to them.


Personal and Corporate Restructure


Whilst closely related to Bankruptcy and Insolvency matters, Personal and Corporate Restructure advice is also given to those who want to protect themselves for the unforeseen events in the future.


Advice is tailored to the various circumstances and realities of each individual client and used for varying reasons.



Criminal Law (White- Collar Crime)

We have many years of experience in White Collar Crime and forensically challenge the evidence put forward by the police and prosecuting bodies.  With experience before the Magistrates', County and Supreme Courts, as well as appearances before the Australian Crime Commission, we are well placed to handle criminal (especially White Collar Crime) matters on behalf of our clients.

Wills & Estate Litigation

​Over the years we have come to learn the sensitivities surrounding Estate (Wills and Probate) Litigation.  With experience running trials and settling complex estate litigation, we provide advice on the estate matters, while understanding the emotions that come with them.